7 Benefits of Hiring a Professional Chimney Sweep in Baton Rouge

Chimney Sweeping Services

Ah! There’s nothing quite like cuddling up with the family in front of a roaring, crackling fire during a cold night in Baton Rouge. There’s also nothing quite like the headaches, vomiting, and other such symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning. If you have a dirty chimney, you can’t have a fire without this poisoning. That’s why you need the best chimney sweep Baton Rouge offers.

They will make your chimney squeaky clean and safe. But avoiding carbon monoxide poisoning isn’t the only benefit that a chimney sweep service can offer you. There are at least seven other benefits. Read on to learn more about these.

1. Avoid Chimney Fires

Have you ever tried to undergo the chimney sweeping process yourself? If so, a ton of black gunk should’ve fallen out of your chimney. This black gunk is wood that didn’t burn all the way.

Creosote Can Burn

Experts call this unburned wood creosote. Creosote is just waiting to catch on fire. If it does, it’ll be hard to put it out when it’s way up there in your chimney.

Get Rid of Creosote

Any good chimney sweep Ruston has will kick all that junk right out of your flue, firebox, etc. This will help you keep fires where fires should be.

2. Avoid DIY Costs

Does the cost of chimney sweeps seem like too much? Maybe you’ve been looking up chimney sweep equipment and thinking you can do the work yourself. If so, stop doing that.

Bad Work

The cost of the chimney sweep equipment won’t be all that you would-be DIYers pay. Yes, you can clean your chimney without being a certified chimney sweep. But you won’t do as good of a job as one.

Damage Costs

Odds are that you’ll damage your chimney whether by missing creosote or causing an accident. And it will take money to repair that damage. It will probably cost more than hiring the best chimney sweep Lafayette residents want.

3. Avoid Odors

To be fair, some chimney odors are good. A lot of people like the smell of a fireplace when it’s burning. Most woods give off great burning smells.

Dirty Chimneys Smell Bad

But dirty chimneys have a musty odor that most people don’t like. Are you burning more scented candles than usual lately? If so, your chimney may be the thing to blame.

Sniff Around Your Chimney

Stop all your scent-making tools. Try sniffing around your fireplace. If that “mystery smell” gets stronger, consider hiring the best chimney sweep Shreveport has.

4. Avoid Further Damage

Does your chimney have damage? How do you know if it does or doesn’t? If you’re not a certified chimney sweep, you can’t find chimney damage all that easily.

Damage Warnings

Chimney sweeps have a lot more experience in that area. They can distinguish what’s just part of the brick design from bricks that are crumbling apart. Their warning can help you get your chimney repaired before it’s too late.

Damage Consequences

What would happen if you don’t hire a chimney sweep and they aren’t able to point out signs of damage? Well, then your chimney could collapse. Either that or water leaking through cracks could damage it.

5. Avoid Injury

People who try to DIY the chimney sweeping process may believe that they need to climb up onto the roof. This isn’t the case. Our sweeps don’t even go up on the roof.

DIYers and Injuries

But many who lack knowledge of chimney sweeping safety will climb up onto the roof. There, they’re likely to fall and sustain injuries. Their lack of knowledge could also cause them to make several other costly mistakes.

Sweeps and Injuries

They would’ve avoided this issue if they had hired the best chimney sweep New Orleans has. He or she wouldn’t waste time sustaining injuries. He or she would know how to prevent such accidents from happening.

6. Avoid Efficiency Issues

A dirty fireplace is a fire hazard but can also provide less heat. This may seem contradictory, but it’s true. A buildup of creosote can make it more difficult for heat to enter your home.

Creosote Insulation

You see, creosote can act as an insulator. It can prevent heat from exiting your chimney and entering your home. You can keep throwing wood into your fireplace and still not feel satisfied.

Airflow Blockage

The draft is another factor to think about. Your chimney needs a certain amount of airflow to get the heat going and pull smoke out of your chimney. A chimney with a lot of creosote buildup will have less airflow.

7. Avoid Chimney Deterioration

Creosote is acidic. This means it can eat away at the interior of your chimney. The longer that creosote sits in your chimney, the more it will eat away at the brick, metal, stone, etc.

Water Invasion

Chimney material that becomes thin over time will start to develop holes. Water will come through those holes and deteriorate your chimney further. You’ll also have a lot of trouble lighting a fire when your firebox is damp.

Less Structurally Sound

A chimney with thinner walls will also be less structurally sound. In extreme cases, even a gust of wind may be enough to topple it. You’ll then have to deal with any damage to your property or injury to people or animals that occurs.

Regular Chimney Cleaning

Get a chimney sweep to regularly clean out your chimney. This should prevent creosote from building up over time and causing your chimney to become weak.

Best Chimney Sweep Baton Rouge Offers

So get the best chimney sweep Baton Rogue offers. This way, your chimney will stay whole and efficient. You also won’t have to pay a bundle to make major repairs.

If you need a chimney sweep in Louisiana, try our services. We provide effective chimney cleaning services at the most affordable prices. Get an instant quote today by filling out your address in the bar on this page.