7 Tips on Choosing a Chimney Sweep in Baton Rouge, LA

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Did you know that you should budget $1 for every square foot of home space when saving for annual home maintenance? If you have a 2,500-square-foot house, for example, expect to save $2,500.

Part of home maintenance includes cleaning and inspecting your chimney. Failure to clean your chimney leads to creosote accumulating in the flue. This highly flammable substance can cause a dangerous chimney, so always maintain your chimney with a professional.

But what should you look for when hiring a chimney sweep in Baton Rouge?

This article tells you what to look for when comparing chimney sweeping costs and how to choose the best professional for the job. Let’s begin!

Check for an NFI Certification

For the best chimney sweeping experience, ensure the company you hire has an NFI certification through the Chimney Sweep Institute of America. Request proof of this certification before anyone works on your chimney.

Although specific companies might be certified, they may send out uncertified technicians, so always check that the person performing your service is individually licensed. A technician needs this license to understand breast practices for repairs, use, cleaning, wood stoves, maintaining fireplaces, and using chimney sweeping equipment.

Check Your Technician’s Identification

With so many options for chimney sweeps, you should only let a verified technician into your home. Once you investigate and choose the best chimney sweep in Baton Rouge, you should ask to see your technician’s ID to ensure the person you hired is the one entering your home.

Most reputable chimney sweep companies require ID badges or require their techs to wear uniforms. They usually have the company’s name on the side of their work van. Always check for proof of identity before letting someone into your home.

Request Proof of Insurance

You should also check that the chimney sweep company you plan to hire has proof of liability insurance coverage. This type of insurance offers protection should any damage occur to your chimney while they inspect it.

Although damage is unlikely, hiring a company with insurance is still a must. Should damages occur and they’re uninsured, you’ll be on the hook for paying for repairs.

Read Online Reviews

Did you know that almost half of all people who use the internet post a monthly online review? Additionally, 81% of consumers rely on Google to evaluate a business in their area.

When hiring a chimney sweep in Baton Rouge, check reviews online. You may also find reviews on the company’s website.

You can also ask them to provide you with a list of references so you can check the quality of their work. If they refuse to provide you with contacts, don’t work with them.

When reading online reviews, look for comments about professionalism and check to see if customers are generally satisfied. The occasional negative review is normal, but check to see if the chimney sweep company responded to the review and offered to rectify the situation.

Price Isn’t Everything

Hiring the lowest-price chimney sweep might be tempting, but remember the old adage: you get what you pay for.

Instead, spend a few extra dollars to hire someone reputable and whose work performance meets all industry standards professionally. If you hire someone who’s inexperienced but costs less, you may find that they fail to properly inspect and clean your chimney.

They may also improperly repair it, which poses a fire hazard, and you may even expose yourself and your family to toxic fumes, including carbon monoxide, which is deadly. Always hire a professional with the licensing and testimonials to support their work.

Looks for Prompt Service

A dedicated chimney sweep in Baton Rouge will make time to get to your house in a timely manner. They should provide you with a definitive time frame of when they’ll be out to service your chimney.

If a company doesn’t give you a definitive time frame, don’t work with them. Your time should be respected as a customer, and only serious chimney sweep companies understand this. Consider the reliability of a company that fails to give you a secure inspection date should you need them in an emergency situation.

Look for Professionalism

You should always expect your chimney sweep technician to demonstrate professionalism. They should wear a uniform and treat you and your home respectfully. Expect there will be no mess after they complete all work, and look for a technician that’s eager to answer all your questions.

How Often Should You Clean Your Chimney?

According to the NFPA (National Fire Protection Agency), you should have your chimney professionally inspected at least once a year, no matter what type of chimney you have. Homes that have oil heat or wood-burning fireplaces should have their chimneys cleaned and inspected twice a year.

Although you need to hire a professional for your chimney sweep, you can still implement techniques to maintain your chimney in between cleanings. For starters, keep your firebox clean.

Make sure its dampener is always open before you use your fireplace. You should also purchase a chimney crown or cap to prevent debris and small animals from entering your house.

Ensure your chimney has a stainless steel liner to keep it up to code.

Hire a Chimney Sweep in Baton Rouge

Now that you know what to look for when hiring a chimney sweep in Baton Rouge, having a professional out to your home at least once a year is crucial. They’ll need to inspect and clean your chimney more, depending on usage.

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