What to Expect During a Chimney Sweep in Baton Rouge

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The average cost of repairing a damaged fireplace in Baton Rouge can get up to $3,500, but getting your chimney cleaned regularly can prevent these damages. Hiring a professional to do a chimney sweep and inspection is a proven way to save money and protect your home. 

A qualified team will describe the process and clarify the upfront costs before an employee arrives at your home. But, to help you understand a little more about what to expect, keep reading this article. 

What Happens During a Chimney Sweep?

Depending on the design of your home, a chimney can either be traditionally built or modern with fences around the exterior. Regardless of the style, every property requires regular cleaning to get the most out of your heating system. If you’ve recently moved to a new home in Baton Rouge, you’ll need to find a chimney sweep service in the first few weeks.

Researching the existing services before inspection will give you more peace of mind if any issues arise with the chimney.

When booking your appointment, we’ll need your address, contact number, and a picture of your fireplace. Once booked, you’ll need to wait until your service time. In the meantime, you can start preparing your space for the chimney sweeper. 

Preparation for the Chimney Sweep

Preparing the area for a chimney sweep is straightforward, as the team will bring all the relevant equipment for your appointment. But, it’s helpful to move furniture and other belongings away from the chimney. Preparing your space for service limits the risk of something getting broken or damaged during the process.

Another essential thing to do is avoid lighting a fire the day before your appointment. If there was a fire burning the day before, the employees won’t be able complete the service. Please remove any ash so the team can come and go quickly without worrying about clearing up the previous mess. 

The easiest way to remove the ash and dirt is to buy a pan for picking up the debris. These items are easy to find at your local garden store or order online. An ash pan can quickly clearing dirt and safely removing it from the living space. 

During the Process

Each client can stay and watch the sweep or sit outside with a warm drink. The choice is up to you and what you feel most comfortable with during the chimney sweep. We advise that you keep young children and pets away from the area, as there will be lots of dust during the cleaning.

While the sweep takes place, it’s an excellent opportunity to ask professionals about the best tips for using chimneys. Talking with your servicer is particularly useful if you’re new to owning a chimney and want expert advice on maintaining these structures. 

The chimney sweeper will access the flue via a plate attached to the fireplace. Then, the sweeper inspects the chimney for any issues before maintenancing the area. Once their inspection is complete, they will start cleaning with their specialized brushes. 

Here are some of the other aspects of chimney sweeping that take place during an appointment: 

  • Clearing away the smoke
  • Removing ash from the chimney
  • Inspecting the damper 
  • Weeping the chimney cap

In the event that you need further details about the process, you can contact your service provider for more information. A trustworthy team member will be happy to clarify your concerns and put your mind at ease before your appointment.

Is It Necessary to Book a Chimney Sweep?

If you want to preserve the quality of your fireplace, it’s essential that you book frequent chimney sweeps. Letting ash and soot build up in your chimney can be tricky to remove. So, it’s better to make it a habit and include it in your cleaning schedule for the rest of your home. 

One tip for remembering to book a chimney sweep is to create an alert on your phone to remind you when the time comes around for the annual checkup. 

If you have a large home, it’s vital to put fire safety at the top of your list. The main reason that chimney sweeps are serious is that they prevent unexpected chimney fires and reduce the amount of carbon monoxide in your home. Most importantly, sweeps ensure the airflow works correctly, so smoke exits your home properly.

You need an experienced professional to assess this structure so they can tell you about any problems before they worsen. 

Less Stress and More Money

Spring is the ideal time to have your chimney looked at, as most people don’t need a heating system for the summer. Therefore, you’ll avoid the fall and winter rush of frantic people needing their fireplaces cleaned. This way, you can plan ahead and have a cozy space for when the temperatures drop. 

Not only do you skip the long wait times for the appointment list, but you also save money from expensive repairs later in the year. 

So, contact our team to book your upcoming chimney sweep today.

Book the Best Chimney Sweep Baton Rouge Service

You don’t need to worry about an unprofessional servicer damaging your fireplace or leaving piles of dirt around your home. Our chimney sweep Baton Rouge service is guaranteed to leave your home feeling warm and cozy for the cold season, as we pride ourselves on providing safe procedures for all our customers. 

We’ll remove any ash and leave your home as good as new.

Let us know the time that works for your schedule, and we’ll find an appointment date for your next chimney sweep. If you want to receive a quote first, no problem! 

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